Mobile and Embedded Applications Group at ZST Division, IT WUT

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Our research/project/expertise areas:

  • ubiquitous/pervasive computing
  • Internet of Things
  • context-aware applications
  • mobile services
  • smart home
  • middleware
  • wireless sensor/actuator networks (WSAN)
  • small embedded platforms, microcontrollers

Selected contributions:

Our projects:

  • SmartSantander (7FP IP)
  • POBICOS(7FP STREP) Platform for Opportunistic Behaviour in Incompletely Specified, Heterogeneous Object Communities
  • MIDAS (6FP STREP) Middleware Platform for Developing and Deploying Advanced Mobile Services
  • SIMS (6FP STREP) Semantic Interfaces for Mobile Services
  • ROVERS Middleware for Ad-Hoc Peer-to-Peer Ubicomp Systems, funded by Polish Ministry of Science and Information Society Technologies
  • TWISTER (6FP IP) Terrestrial Wireless Infrastructure integrated with Satellite Telecommunications for E-Rural

Our technologies: TinyOS, Android, Linux, OWL, Arduino, ...

  • Our location: Jak nas znalezc.png